Everybody Knows – Demon Daddy or Doc?

We’re still in celebration mode about the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con that Wynonna Earp has been renewed for Season 3 – great news for cast, producers, crew and you the viewer!

cast pic
Wynonna Earp company at San Diego Comic Con

We think that a big part of the show’s success is due to its unique combination of sci-fi/supernatural, strong female leads and the originality of the setting that Alberta delivers. It is so cool to see this modern metaphysical western take full advantage of southern Alberta’s natural beauty with the skilled support of our production crews’ knowledge and experience.

There’s no doubt the best special effect in Episode 7 was the look on Doc’s face when he told Wynonna he would do anything Tim Rozonto keep her healthy and make her happy. This episode was all about driving the plot forward on the Who’s Your Daddy question and though that hasn’t been answered for sure, the sweet sincerity of Tim Rozon’s Daddy Doc has us rooting for him.

The practical special effect we worked hardest to achieve in this episode was the WynonnaEarp_gallery_207Recap_03extensive cobwebbing on the ghost posse. The guardians have been asleep for a very long time and are covered with cobwebs.   Maintaining the cobwebs throughout the episode required constant respraying on the costumes through many sets and locations.   Our expertise in safely and quickly spraying a large amount of cobwebs over entire sets (and actors) was put into play.  In the second episode we covered an entire chapel set in cobwebs and our mega web sprayer was just the ticket for this job as well.

In testing a number of techniques for making webs, including the age old spinners, we opted to go to high volume hot glue guns, carefully selected hot melt sticks, with a specialty air nozzle.  With this sprayer in hand, Keifer our onset technician had perfected his spray technique in such a way that there was little possibility of injuring our performers.  (do not try this at home)

This week we were also thrilled to see the Comic Trips video of their Bleeding Art visit posted on YouTube. Hosts/producers and pop culture treasure hunters Kat and Paul visited us in April this year.

Comic Trips pic 1
Kat and Paul were impressed by our exotic Canadian pop culture.

Their excitement was contagious when we invited them to get up close and personal with our famed human autopsy torso that featured prominently in Wynonna’s Episode 8 Season 1. Watch the YouTube video of their entire visit to Calgary and Comic Expo, or if you want to just catch our part look for it at 6:30 – 17:19 in the posting.  We were the first place they visited – so much fun that our shop was their introduction to Canadian pop culture.

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