Creating some (major) cool in 2018

Telling our own stories by creating our own work has always been one of the key goals of our company. It’s the start of a new year and new adventures and we’re excited to have a variety of our own very cool and interesting projects on the go (no spoiler alerts but keep an eye out here and on our social media channels).

With a current change in audience taste, demand is being created for the more human realism of hands-on practical effects versus digital effects. Part of this trend is a growing appreciation for the edgy hand-crafted artistry of our distinctive style of stop motion animation. We established that style with our first film Skeleton Girl, Canada’s first stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated film. It had its world premiere in New York, was chosen as one of the top short films in Canada, and toured the globe to overwhelmingly positive comments.

We continued experimenting with our fabrication and stop motion capabilities, creating a musical animation called The River, set to the ironic and iconic Canadian trio, The Arrogant Worms’ River of Snot. The River also toured, and in fact was invited to be part of Edinburgh’s Dead by Dawn horror festival, where, very shortly, it is going to be screening a second time. For all of you appalled by the volume of nasal secretions from a crazy bad cold – Edinburgh has officially declared it a horror story!*

The Seance Project Title Card

We’re continuing to  help others create their own cool with our services, products, equipment and props, but we’re re-focused on pitching, building and creating our own arsenal of original properties as well. From a live-action ghost series to stop motion animations, and possibly a feature or two thrown in. We’ve also started dipping our toes into the world of VR, an exciting area for continuing to create cool – a goal foremost in our mind no matter what project we’re working on.

We know it will be an exciting and productive 2018 and want to wish all of you a terrific year as well. We look forward to giving you a peek behind the scenes (or as Nancy says “behind the screams”!) as we continue to create cool this year.  Follow or chat with us via the social media channels below and let us know what you’d like to read about in our blog, we’d love to hear from you!

Wynonna Earp Season 3

We did some amazing things on seasons one and two of Wynonna Earp and are very appreciative of the support and well wishes we received from all the Earpers out there. Though we are not part of the crew for Season 3 (you will see our blood and perhaps a limb or two), we wish the cast and crew a super successful shoot.  Although you won’t get the great behind the scenes blogs we did for the first two seasons, we can’t wait to take you “behind the screams” on the new cool and creative projects we’re working on in 2018.

*note that you can watch both Skeleton Girl AND The River (as well as a behind the scenes making-of video) by going to our YouTube channel below. Check them out and let us know what you think! 

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The River is released in all its snotty glory

Yes, our latest 3D stop motion animation called “The River” is now available for your viewing pleasure (well, the 2D version is; we’ll keep you posted on the 3D).

Timeline to how this deranged event happened:

March 2014: The Arrogant Worms (Chris Patterson, Trevor Strong, and Mike McCormick) hesitantly respond to Leo’s invitation to visit the Bleeding Art Industries studio. They make it out alive. Leo’s not really the stalker fan they were suspecting he might be. Trevor gives Leo signed copies of his book “Very Grimm Fairy Tales” as a token of dark comic kinship. Leo takes a picture of them with Istvan, the puppet dog and celebrity hound from Bleeding Art’s upcoming film Mary and The Looking Glass.

The Worms at BAI Shop Mar 2014
March 2014

Leo tortures his staff with his visions and interpretations of the Worms album, SPACE. There are so many great songs, ripe for animating…like Vance the Vegetarian Zombie or When Canada Rules the World. But, like the Worms themselves, who are masters at taking the mundane, day to day things we all experience as human beings and turning them into brilliant sing-able ditties, we decided to take a song about having a cold – their soon to be classic River of Snot – and turn it into a visual cornucopia of drippy-nosed whimsy. Now, a year of River of Snot running through our brains 24/7, and what was supposed to be a quick and fun shoot, turns into…

April 2015: A year has passed and 1500 hours of talking different ideas, hearing the sounds of River of Snot reverberate repeatedly throughout the building, building props, and moving Mike’s head around (no, this isn’t The Exorcist version), manipulating little Trevor and Chris gobs in kayaks, have taken place. The River is ready to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses. Bleeding Art unlists its phone number and decamps from its location on the eastern side of Calgary. People – will – never – be – the – same – again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

March 2015
March 2015

Thanks Mike for writing the song and to the three of you for giving us carte blanche to play with it. The Arrogant Worms. They’re a Canadian treasure. Hopefully not like the cursed treasure in that pirate-y movie, but that good kind of treasure like Gordon Lightfoot or Celine Dion.

Hope you all enjoy it. And if you do, let us know….and spread the word. You’ll never think of a cold the same way again. “There’s a river of snot running out of my nose….”

Here it is.

From all of us at Bleeding Art Industries

PS. We’ll keep you posted on the 3D release. It’s really good….in your face you might say, and we’re hoping to be able to show it on the big screen where you can better appreciate Mike’s nose and the streaming river.

PPS. We are also selling props from the animation so you can own your very own piece of The River movie memorabilia. Except for the animated Worms in the credits, they’re not for sale. We think they’re pretty darn cute and we want to keep them around for a while.

Bleeding Art and The Worms Unite

I’ve been following The Arrogant Worms pretty much since the group formed over twenty years ago. I was always impressed by their ability to combine clever, comedic, well-written tunes with spot-on political statements and satire. I’ve seen them a number of times over the years and although their hairstyles changed (and some would argue their waistlines), the quality of their entertaining writing and singing stayed the same. From “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” on their first self-titled album in 1992 to “Carrot Juice is Murder” and “Rippy the Gator” (which I spent many moments singing to my daughter when she was growing up) – the band has produced some classic Canadian hits. Indeed The Arrogant Worms are THE quintessential Canadian band; their playlist of songs about Canada and Canadian life is the most extensive of any group on the planet. They have been waving the Maple Leaf longer and harder than K’naan ever did.

At Bleeding Art, we’ve been looking for opportunities to produce our own creative content and to collaborate with other artists to do the same. It was in this vein that I contacted The Arrogant Worms on Facebook one day when I knew they were coming through Calgary. I invited them to our shop for a tour and to simply chat and see where things were at with them and if – for lack of a better word – there were any synergies. I didn’t go in with a master plan or any expectations. I wasn’t a stalker fan, or at least was trying very hard not to be one. I was an appreciator of their work and thought we might be able to work together. I knew that opportunities like this didn’t always pan out. I in fact had originally approached a singer of another unnamed Canadian band during a break in a concert to introduce myself and to tell him about our stop motion work and what our company does. Having heard the first set, I thought their music was theatrical, edgy, and ripe for having a fun and interesting animation go along with it. I’m pretty sure the guy thought I was a deranged groupie or something as he didn’t seem very receptive and then never got back to me. Which was probably OK since the band has since broken up, so perhaps that one wasn’t meant to be (I hope that wasn’t my fault).

The long and short of all of this is that we’re now working on a 3D stop motion animation to accompany The Worms’ River of Snot, which is on their most recent album, SPACE. We’re testing enhanced 3D using specific modelling styles and are shooting for taking it on the festival circuit starting this fall. We have a few other ideas up our sleeves, some of which we’ll keep you apprised of here or on our other social media sites. If you’re not familiar with The Arrogant Worms, the first starting point is to check them out at their website ( If this all works out, perhaps Rippy the Gator and Vance the Vegetarian Zombie will be the subjects of our next flights of fancy.


The Worms at BAI Shop Mar 2014