Whiskey Lullaby or Who’s Your Daddy?

Season 2 Episode 6 – Keeping the actors and crew safe from contact with toxic materials and harmful fumes and smoke during explosions and fires is always our goal. Wynonna’s surprise pregnancy was born of necessity when Melanie Scrofano delivered her happy news to show runner Emily Andras*, so from the start of theWynonna Earp Stone Witch mummy head season the use of non-toxic materials became a top priority. In episode 6, Whiskey Lullaby, there was one specific prop that we spent hours on – the dehydrated head of the stone witch Constance Clooty. Much care was taken to source non-toxic materials for its fabrication.  We started with a plaster skull, added the face molded from paper flour and white glue then applied an acrylic paint finish and cheesecloth hair.  This pic shows the detail of the piece, hauntingly creepy.

Most of our on-set time was spent creating the sleeping ghost town atmosphere. Theatrical fog machines were used strategically to create the gray stillness both inside and outside as well as the reflective haze in the night scene that starts the episode.

Our effects can also be seen when Wynonna boots down the Clockmaker’s mansion door with one well-placed kick. We had carefully set up breakaway hinges on the door and wired it so we could control the movement. It worked well when it flew apart right on cue and we got the shot in one take.

Occasionally we like to return to a previous episode to do a bit of a show and tell on an effect that for various reasons didn’t make it to screen. The original script for Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1 guard faceepisode 1 ended with the widows ripping a security guard’s faceWynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1 ripped off face inside off and throwing it against a wall. We cast the actor’s face, made a skin from the mold and dressed it with our special BAI slime and blood.  Shooting the scene presented new challenges to exactly replicate the Director’s vision.  Here’s a behind the scenes video of our set technician Keifer having fun testing the face splat and stick; a really good dose of gore we think. You’ll want to watch this video to the very end. It would’ve been interesting to see it incorporated into the episode.

Episode 6’s time-warp sleep-curse plot line fast-forwards Wynonna’s pregnancy by a month or so. There’s no hiding it now and for better or worse Doc and Dolls seem to have revealed their relative responses. Should be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the coming episodes.

*This Variety interview with Emily and Melanie explores what happened when Melanie delivered the news and it was shared with NBC exec’s and the production staff;  http://variety.com/2017/tv/features/wynonna-earp-emily-andras-melanie-scrofano-news-exclusive-1202476757/

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