Cheerleaders, Liver + Lipstick

Now that we have your attention, in Episode 3 it was fun to watch the mix of Canadian culture – like rabid small town hockey team fandom and American traditions like homecoming and cheerleaders. Yes, we have cheerleaders in Canada – but not at hockey games!

Unlike in Episode 2, the practical special effects were kept to a minimum in “Gonna Getcha Good”.  The Marzaniok monster wasn’t our creation. We would’ve loved to have taken a shot at that project but time and budget didn’t allow it. Despite our reputation for pulling mechanical SPFX rabbits out of exploding hats in record time, sometimes it just can’t be done.

Prep for liver extrusion sceneliverMaking a realistic liver and testing ways to pull it out of a human torso was interesting; our experience in that area from the famed live autopsy scene in Season 1 Episode 8 served us well. Below is a test video as we worked on different concepts in the shop.

We did have fun with the edible lipstick, as seen in the demo video below. A mold of the original lipstick was made out of food grade silicone and colour matched chocolate was added in. Edibles are challenging.  Multiples have to be made, cleaned up and replaced after every take. They have to colour match perfectly and they have to taste at the very least decent. Last thing any actor wants is 8 takes of a scene where they have to eat something that tastes gross.  The smile on Waverly’s face was a real one as the lipstick itself was made from white chocolate dyed with food colouring to achieve the dusty rose shade.

The ladies in black appeared again in Episode 3. They escaped their prison crate by setting off Doc’s dynamite in Episode 1 (Below is a fun test video for the explosion), and started their haunting again in Episode 2.  Show Runner and Executive Producer Emily Andras talks about the reappearance of the ladies in black in an interview here with Entertainment Weekly.

We also worked on the blood soaked eyeless corpse. This effect incorporated our popular Bleeding Art Blood – a line of products that we use on set that are also available for sale from our online store. bloody hands

Can’t wait for Episode 4 – Calgary fans watch for special appearance by Kane’s Harley Diner in Inglewood and how “talk to the hand” takes on new meaning.

Get Wet

SIDE NOTE EPISODE 2:  KY OR GET WET?  We checked out this great video – goo girls scene prep – and realized that some of you might be confused as to what that goo was: make no mistake it was our own slime! Costume and makeup also used our slime and our Get Wet products to achieve the final effect on that episode.  KY jelly and sugar are good guesses but not the secret to our formula.

Season 2 of Wynonna Earp airs on Space and Syfy on Friday nights 10 pm ET, 7 pm PT. It is also available on iTunes.

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