Season 1 Episode 6 – Is it us or is Wynonna Earp really heating up?

Welcome to our blog where this week we explore and explain the mechanical special effects we created for the 6th episode of Space network’s modern day demon western Wynonna Earp. Things are really beginning to heat up for our heroine in this one.  Revenant activity is reaching a fever pitch.  The more demons Wynonna sends back to hell, the more it seems there are to dispatch. And the intrigue increases with her cohorts.

In this episode we meet Momma (Calgary actor Val Planche), whose taste for human flesh gave us plenty of prosthetic opportunities. The original script called for Wynonna to fall into a pile of body parts in Momma’s lair.  Here are a couple of pictures of our little production line to meet that plan.

IMG_5905    IMG_6076

In the end it was decided that going with less was more and we were left with some awesome cannibal pieces to add to our collection.  In between working on other items, our head fabricator and prosthetics master Alyssa was kept busy making various limbs, head parts, and other body pieces. Seeing buckets of bones and other body parts was a common occurrence in the shop.

IMG_6013We also created a scalp that is ripped off and thrown, and a leg that appears later in Momma’s food prep. Here is a picture of Josiah – our on set FX lead – testing out the leg behind the set.

Tattoos played a big role in the show. Originally, all revenants were to have 3D brands that flashed when angry.  We did early development on this with a few actually making it onto actors.  In this episode tattoos were created to brand brother and sister.  Here are some pictures of the tests, director’s sketch, and placement. These were done as water transfer tattoos so that over numerous days we would have exact reproductions on the performers.


This episode also sees our character Bethany grabbed by an unseen force followed by a blood splatter across the window.  We had fun with blood splatter tests.  We always test the air cannons for blood quantity, pressure, and distance so that we have an effect that can be replicated multiple times on the day. Video can be found here.

As this latest episode shows, there are lots of different stories and back-stories going on now and the action and effects are really picking up. It’s going to be tough to keep the blogs short when there’s so much to talk about, but we will try. See you next time and please leave your comments, follow our blog and feel free to post and share.

Wynonna Earp airs on Space  Saturday night after Dr. Who. It is also available on Netflix and by clicking here on iTunes.

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