We love Halloween; given the gore and horror focus of some of what we do, it does bring people to our door who might never visit otherwise.   We’ve been working hard with local businesses and performing arts companies to boost the Halloween scare factor. The proliferation of pop-up Halloween stores (you know, the ones that show up a month before and close up and leave right after), impacts local businesses like ours that are around all year. So we hope that initiatives like donating 10% of our blood sale revenue to the Canadian Red Cross will encourage our Calgary customers to think of us first while helping a very worthwhile cause (also one of the reasons we were honoured with a Calgary Award last month).

This month has been about partnering with a few different businesses on various Halloween (and/or themes of a darker nature) community-based projects. If you’re looking for cool and scary experiences to have or where to buy your stock of goodies, check them out.

Our rubber glass and bloods create a very realistic effect.

Early one Monday morning we started the week off with just the right amount of bloody fun in a mini-workshop with the staff of Chuckles, one of our Calgary distributors. Their enthusiasm for learning all about the cool stuff you can do with our bloods, blood jam, slime, bruise powder and rubber glass was contagious. The Costume Shoppe (another Calgary store that carries our products) and Chuckles are all stocked up with our most popular items, and with their extended Halloween hours it will be super easy to go gore shopping. In Edmonton look for us at Theatre Garage and in Vancouver at Just Imagine.

Coming up later in the month, Alberta Ballet’s Dracula will be offering some chilling vampire goodies at their lobby gift table…including our popular blood jam.  The ballet is “an extravagant evening that will transfix you from the first kiss to the last bite”, “…more operatic theatre than horror movie kitsch. Lavish costumes lurk in every corner and vampires take flight with mesmerizing choreography and extraordinary special effects”.  And we were very pleased to help fulfill this production’s pyrotechnical and fog needs, knowing that audiences will be wowed with the result.

Last Thursday, Telus SPARK’s Adults Only evening was a bloody good time!  Local makeup artist  Jade Brunes and her team did free gory makeup demos on everyone – using our most popular products.  Watch for Jade and her team at other events around Calgary during the month of October; we’re thrilled that she’s such a great ambassador for our products. jade-spark

Screamfest started October 14 – and where would they be without buckets of blood from Bleeding Art?  Yes it’s true, gallons of blood are used and we’re very happy to ensure that the blood flows freely till the last and scariest night on October 31.  Not for the faint of heart and not recommended for young children, Screamfest is guaranteed to scare the pants off you….too much fun!

We’re often approached to create exterior props for neighbourhood Halloween haunted houses and usually decline as few people have the budget necessary for the professional level work that we do. But this year we said yes to a client whose home is spooktacular! Days were invested in this project and we can’t wait to see it in all its ghostly glory on Halloween night. You can find this Monster Mansion on Signal Hill Drive October 31st or watch our Facebook page for night-of pics!

And the final question – is your costume ready yet for Halloween weekend?  bai-blood-melanie-rivest-knox-fanexpocanada-2015You can be sure that upping the fright factor of your outfit by taking your monstrous makeup to the next level will make you the hit of the party – or at least scare the heck out of all the kids in the neighbourhood. Have a look at our Youtube how-to videos or visit any of our distributors for quick tips and how-to’s… Halloween, it’s a boo-tiful thing.

And remember, whether it’s us or one of our distributors, or another local business – supporting local is good for everyone. It re-builds the Calgary economy at the most basic level which right now is a top priority for us all. Finding the cheapest possible costume or product doesn’t benefit anyone down the road. Support the businesses and companies that are here all year round, they need you now more than ever.



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