13 Fun Facts from Behind the Scenes @ Bleeding Art

1.We sell over 120 gallons of fake blood annually. In comparison, our biggest blood project was when we whipped up 400 gallons for Evil Dead: The Musical.

2.Company co-owner Leo Wieser and head fabricator Alyssa Moor went on a field trip up north to observe rescued grizzly cubs for a client project. Next time they do something this much fun all of us in the office want to go too! This will become the subject of a future blog so watch for it.

grizzly cubs
Cute little grizzly cubs, but not for long…check out those claws!

3.When the Bloody Lucky Worksafe Alberta videos were first created, our special effects make-up and prosthetics were too realistic for a government official who complained that they shouldn’t be aired because they were too gory.  Yes, real life work injuries can be as graphic as they come.

Sarah head casting
Actor Sarah Troyer give us the thumbs up to signal she is OK during the casting of her head for Wynonna Earp.

4.Casting an actor’s head for a decapitation scene can take several hours, requiring an actor to stay as still as possible. Sometimes they fall asleep as it can be very relaxing (or occasionally claustrophobic!).

5.Our 3 minute, 6 second stop motion animation The River to the Arrogant Worms song River of Snot took 1500 person hours or 9 months to make and shoot from start to finish. That’s almost 1 second per day.

6.We’re pretty pumped to be partnering with this year’s Beakerhead event – a smash-up of art, science, and engineering. Tickets are going on sale very soon for our event on Friday Sept 16th. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to go behind the scenes to see how we create cool by combining art, science and engineering in many of the things we do.

7.The “dead Becky head” (the head cast we have in the shop from the very much alive BAI co-owner Becky Scott) and likeness have shown up in lots of things from the barber in Wynonna Earp to a hanging body in an opera. It also seems to have been used as a muse in a few other sculpts from a ship’s figurehead to Millicent from Skeleton Girl. Who knew one person’s head could be so versatile?

8.Speaking of Skeleton Girl, our 3D stop motion animation was Canada’s very first stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated film. It also won Best First 3D Film at its premiere in New York, toured to twelve film festivals around the world, and was selected as one of the top short films in Canada in 2013.

9.We supply animal friendly blood to Andrew Simpson of Wolves Unleashed who also providedandrew1 the live wolves used in the Game of Thrones shoot here in Alberta.

10.Istvan Houndslow, one of our puppets, has his own Twitter feed (@IstvansTravels). In fact, Istvan visited Manitoba last weekend to partake in Harvesting Hope: a World Record to Help the Hungry, although he appears to have made a detour below to look at some classic cars. He also likes to visit the set of Heartland, and apparently people’s hats (Kerry James who plays Caleb pictured here).

11.Very few people know this but when Leo chose to use the word “Bleeding” in our company name, it actually had nothing to do with blood. It was a reflection of funding cuts to the arts at the time and artists “bleeding” for their art.

12.If you want to blow something up on a film shoot in Calgary you need a federally certified Pyrotechnician.  We are one of the authorized instructors for your beginners level certificate. Click here for cool pyro video.

13.If you’ve read this far here’s a special thank you for checking out our blog. Use this code: behindthescenes and receive 10% off your next Bleeding Art online purchase by going to shopbleedingart.com.




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