The Crew Behind The Curtain

We’ve had a great time giving you a peek behind the curtain at the special effects and prosthetics for the first season of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, which wrapped with a cliff-hanging season finale on June 24, 2016. By all accounts from comments by Wynonna and Bleeding Art fans, writing a behind the scenes blog for all 13 episodes, was enjoyed by many, giving people a glimpse into the work that goes on before the cameras roll and the episodes air.

Something like Wynonna Earp is not possible without the hard work and commitment of a great number of very talented people.  As mentioned in last week’s posting (“Mr. Bobo’s Wild Ride aka Things That Go Boom”), we would like to dedicate this blog to the Wynonna Special Effects team who tirelessly worked to bring fantastic images to your screen.

First to thank are Executive Producer/Showrunner Emily Andras, Producer Brian Dennis and Executive Producer Tom Cox who believed in what we could do and gave us the opportunities to push further.

Thanks to the Special Effects team of Wade Maurer, Josiah Buhler, Dominic Smart, Dylan Hobal, Jesse James Weber, Rob Gibney and all the other day players. Huge thanks to Alyssa Moor, Bleeding Art’s head fabricator who gave life to all the prosthetic work and kept the fabrication moving at breakneck speed through the run of the series.

(L to R, Top to Bottom: Dom Smart, Leo Wieser, Rob Gibney, Wade Maurer, Josiah Buhler, Alyssa Moor)

Although we’ve posted this before, we know people like the blood splatter videos so here’s one of the tests – one of the few shots we have of Dylan!

Thanks to the fantastic makeup team of Joanne Jacobsen and Gunther Schetterer for listening to Leo’s crazy ideas and for making such fantastical things work.

Thanks to Nancy who helped on the marketing end with getting these blogs fine-tuned and out there.

And finally to Becky Scott, co-owner of Bleeding Art Industries, for her own behind the scenes work keeping everything together from the office side during both the highest highs and lowest lows.

Well, Wynonna is done for a while, but definitely not forgotten.  A very vocal fan-based campaign to #RenewWynonnaEarp is up and running… and in fact “No Chill Week” – started by @WynonnaFans – began today with four days of sending feedback to SyFy. Have a read below and get tweeting and emailing!


If you missed any of the episodes or to see them again, Season One of Wynonna Earp is available on iTunes by clicking here.

We invite you to follow the blog and read more about the eye-popping, brain-blowing, incredibly cool work we’re involved in, from train work on Hell on Wheels, to creature creations on Heartland, and lots more. Thanks for reading and for all the great comments!

From all of us at Bleeding Art Industries






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