How to keep your pinkies up and your teeth sharp while holding your tongue.

For Episode # 2 of Wynonna Earp three small prosthetics were made: a female pinkie finger; a stretchy tongue; and a set of pointy teeth.

The teeth were a first for sculptor Alyssa Moor. Although she has cast many teeth she had never before made a set of dentures to fit over top of them. The character was supposed to have a shark-like gummy look to his teeth and the only way to achieve that was to create a set of teeth that fit exactly over top of the actor’s pearly whites.

In order to make them fit comfortably, the actor’s teeth were cast and a plaster positive was made. The positive was then sculpted on to make the very thin fake teeth that would sit exactly in front of his real teeth. Using denture acrylic resin products (the same used by dentists and denturists) the dentures were created by painstakingly casting the model in silicone and squishing the acrylic resin between the cast of the actor’s real teeth and the mold of the pointy teeth. Everything had to be buffed and polished so as to not cut the actor’s gums as he performed with his prosthetic (use of real blood on set is frowned upon). The end result was a human-looking character whose appearance was completely altered as soon as he opened his mouth to deliver his lines.

TEETH 1        TEETH 2

Those teeth were put to good use almost immediately as a pinkie finger removal tool. He uses them to bite off a woman’s finger in a bar, which he promptly spits out onto the ground. Whose finger is it? A silicone cast of Moor’s pinkie of course! Sometimes you just have to use what you have on hand. Here’s a video of actor David Haysom doing a test of the teeth to make sure he could deliver his lines so viewers would know what he was saying:

One of the smallest but most visually disturbing props was the stretchy ripped out tongue. These were a bit of a challenge as the actor had to keep the prop in his mouth for a while before letting it fly out.

ALY TONG 1      TONG 2

The problem was that we were not allowed to remove the actor’s real tongue so we had to fit a prosthetic one over his real one and have a bit of a ridge at the back that his teeth could hold on to while it was stretched. It turned out quite well and got an audible reaction from the crew when they were rehearsing this scene; stomping on the ooze-filled tongue after ripping it out just added insult to injury, grossing everyone out even more and proving that even small prosthetics can have a big impact.

Wynonna Earp airs on the SyFy Channel on Fridays at 10 pm and is live streamed on CHCH TV’s website in Canada on Monday nights at 9 pm EST, 7 pm MST.


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