Rule #1 Don’t Get Off The Bus (aka Things Not To Lose Your Head Over)

Wynonna Earp Episode #1

When travelling alone on a bus on a dark night and you enter a creepy town by the name of Purgatory, don’t get off the bus when a flat tire is involved. This is Rule #1. Of course, when nature calls, sometimes one must heed that call. However, by doing just that, you may know by now how it ends for one of our characters*. She literally loses her head over things.

So how does our crew at Bleeding Art Industries do that without cruel and unusual punishment to the actors involved? It starts with a full head casting.

IMG_5476 IMG_4025 IMG_4022IMG_4029 IMG_5507

First, we photo document the performer’s head and facial expressions at all angles. Then we protect the performer’s hair with a bald cap and eyebrows with bees wax. At this time we start the impression and cover the entire face and head with a mold-making material called alginate. Since the alginate is a very rubbery and soft material, we then do what is called a mother mold using medical plasters.

After an hour of poking and prodding, our model is released and we have a negative mold into which we pour molten clay. After cooling, we have our clay positive.

Alyssa, our lead fabricator and head sculptor (get it,”head sculptor”?!) cleans up the clay bust and re-sculpts the eyes to an open position. She also corrects any imperfections in the molding process. A second negative mold is made and then a plaster positive. From this she pours a silicone positive. This is the final pour for the props and is the piece to which she will add eyes, teeth and hair. Alyssa pre-paints some of the colour into the mold to give depth of colour to the flesh. Once the positive is pulled out, she paints the rest of the skin tones and then starts adding hair.

IMG_4082 IMG_5556

The process takes two to three weeks of work and many, many hours. The result is a photo-realistic head that can be stuck on a stake by an evil Revenant.

IMG_4099 IMG_4122

We hope you enjoyed our blog on getting “a head” in the world. Stay tuned after next week’s episode for our behind the scenes adventure with Wynonna Earp entitled “Hold Your Tongue”.

*Kiersten character played by actor Sarah Troyer

Wynonna Earp airs on the SyFy Channel on Friday’s at 10 pm and is live streamed on CHCH TV’s website in Canada on Monday nights at 9 pm EST, 7 pm MST.




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