The River is released in all its snotty glory

Yes, our latest 3D stop motion animation called “The River” is now available for your viewing pleasure (well, the 2D version is; we’ll keep you posted on the 3D).

Timeline to how this deranged event happened:

March 2014: The Arrogant Worms (Chris Patterson, Trevor Strong, and Mike McCormick) hesitantly respond to Leo’s invitation to visit the Bleeding Art Industries studio. They make it out alive. Leo’s not really the stalker fan they were suspecting he might be. Trevor gives Leo signed copies of his book “Very Grimm Fairy Tales” as a token of dark comic kinship. Leo takes a picture of them with Istvan, the puppet dog and celebrity hound from Bleeding Art’s upcoming film Mary and The Looking Glass.

The Worms at BAI Shop Mar 2014
March 2014

Leo tortures his staff with his visions and interpretations of the Worms album, SPACE. There are so many great songs, ripe for animating…like Vance the Vegetarian Zombie or When Canada Rules the World. But, like the Worms themselves, who are masters at taking the mundane, day to day things we all experience as human beings and turning them into brilliant sing-able ditties, we decided to take a song about having a cold – their soon to be classic River of Snot – and turn it into a visual cornucopia of drippy-nosed whimsy. Now, a year of River of Snot running through our brains 24/7, and what was supposed to be a quick and fun shoot, turns into…

April 2015: A year has passed and 1500 hours of talking different ideas, hearing the sounds of River of Snot reverberate repeatedly throughout the building, building props, and moving Mike’s head around (no, this isn’t The Exorcist version), manipulating little Trevor and Chris gobs in kayaks, have taken place. The River is ready to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses. Bleeding Art unlists its phone number and decamps from its location on the eastern side of Calgary. People – will – never – be – the – same – again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

March 2015
March 2015

Thanks Mike for writing the song and to the three of you for giving us carte blanche to play with it. The Arrogant Worms. They’re a Canadian treasure. Hopefully not like the cursed treasure in that pirate-y movie, but that good kind of treasure like Gordon Lightfoot or Celine Dion.

Hope you all enjoy it. And if you do, let us know….and spread the word. You’ll never think of a cold the same way again. “There’s a river of snot running out of my nose….”

Here it is.

From all of us at Bleeding Art Industries

PS. We’ll keep you posted on the 3D release. It’s really good….in your face you might say, and we’re hoping to be able to show it on the big screen where you can better appreciate Mike’s nose and the streaming river.

PPS. We are also selling props from the animation so you can own your very own piece of The River movie memorabilia. Except for the animated Worms in the credits, they’re not for sale. We think they’re pretty darn cute and we want to keep them around for a while.


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