Heartland horse blog VIII

We often get called in to make horses appear sweaty without having to run them off their feet to make real sweat. We have tried numerous techniques and products to achieve this look; ultimately, it depends on so many variables. What was the horse doing to get all sweaty? What colour of horse is it? Will it be inside or outside? Will we have time for a proper clean up? Will the horse be saddled? Depending on the answers we get, we can use a plethora of materials to stage sweat. Different formulas of corn syrup-based sweats, glycerine and even simple uses of powdered dyes and dirt with water. Without giving away all of our secrets – a sweaty horse can be harder to make up than you think!



This is our final Heartland horse blog posting for the season. Thanks for following and for the comments and we’ll be back for Season 8. For more information on the series, click here.


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