Heartland horse blog Part VI

Sometimes we have to paint one horse to look like another. In this case, it was two grey horses that had to match the lead. The dapples (spots) on the horse were matched and painted on with water-based paints for easy removal. You may be thinking “how hard can it be to paint a horse?”. Well, the real challenge is matching them. Like people, no two horses look EXACTLY the same as each other so we’re compensating for dark or light spots, mane and tale length, feet and distinctive markings. A lot of horses don’t like you up in their eyes, nose and ears so you have to be patient and know what works for the horse. We have come up with different non-invasive techniques that won’t stress the animal out, require a lot of clean up or be any burden to the wranglers. In the end, painting horse hair is unlike painting anything else. Every time is a challenge but also an opportunity to develop a new approach. Let us know – now that we’ve been posting some behind the scenes blogs of the special effects make-up done on the horses, do you watch them a bit closer and the make-up effects that may have been done?

Heartland horses



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