Heartland horse blog part IV

Those aren’t meatballs! It’s not all glamour being an animal make-up artist; sometimes it’s really crappy…literally. We were asked to make fake chicken and horse poop that would be used as a prop. The chicken poop was meant to look like someone had shoveled some up and thrown it all over Ty’s vintage truck. Although we spent time trying to formulate a realistic looking product, I’m glad I had back-up poop with me on set. We used what we had made in shop on the set but it was a little dry. So we had to “pipe” chicken poop onto the door, mix in a few feathery tufts, some straw and voila: soft, sticky and very realistic.

The horse manure was another fun challenge. It had to look real, feel real, track some footprints and not ruin the actor’s shoes. So we came up with a formula that had a similar texture (to the eye, nobody wanted to volunteer to feel the real stuff for exact accuracy…gross) using colour, grass clippings, enough “schmear” and was removable with water. I pre-rolled a bunch of poop and dropped (every pun intended) it wherever it needed to be. The jokes didn’t stop; I was horse poop girl for a while. But it was something different, challenging and fun. And if you closed your eyes…you could almost smell it.

Faux manure balls


One thought on “Heartland horse blog part IV

  1. Heartland made me remember the dreams I had as a young man of owning a farm/ranch and working for myself. I fell in love with the characters Amy, Ty, Lou and Grandpa ( I closely associate with Grandpa). I look forward not only to the show but the tweets from Amber, CBC and Heartland. Your ability to produce such a great show is a testament to all those involved in the show. Thanks to everyone involved.

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