2 comments on “Heartland horse blog part II

  1. The makeup and other special effects Bleeding Art performs on Heartland is so excellent it stands the scrutiny of an extreme close up camera shot.

    Heartland’s episodes are watched by a million viewers each week and whenever we have an episode with a visible injury (such as this one) I have to brace myself for an onslaught of fan questions on our social media sites, asking if production created real wounds for filming. Thanks to the brilliant work of Bleeding Art I have to calm a lot of them down, which I am more than happy to do. In a series that has never had an injury to an animal, yet must show visible wounds it is essential to have talented artists like those at Bleeding Art around. 🙂

  2. Hello Heartland Blog Whisperer! Thanks for the kind comments. We pride ourselves on doing high quality work that does stand the test of close-ups (especially now given HD!). We’ll be posting more in the coming months so all your blog followers can see the behind the scenes work that happens to bring Heartland to life.

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