Work on second 3D short in Twisted Tales anthology begins

Now that we’ve released our first baby Skeleton Girl 3D onto the film festival circuit, development work has been happening on the hotly anticipated follow-up, “Through the Looking Glass”. It will be in a similar thematic vein to Skeleton Girl – native 3D, a stop motion animated modern day parable. This time, our Narcissus Mary learns that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence…or the mirror in this case, and in fact can be quite frightening.

We’re working on the script and once that’s locked down will be using a new system for storyboarding called Storyboard Pro 3D; we’ll keep you updated on how that’s working. We learned from Skeleton Girl how great it would be to be able to draw scenes in a program that allows us to quickly change the shot, and to get a good handle on what it is going to look like in 3D before we start shooting. Although it takes away the glamour of having the storyboard taped all over Leo’s office walls, it should theoretically save us time on the pre-production and production end of things.

We’re looking at different options for raising the funds for Through the Looking Glass possibly including another stab at crowd-funding (we weren’t very successful with it for Skeleton Girl), offering for sale some very cool, limited edition items tied to the film’s main character, grants and tax credits, company investors, and other private financing.

We will endeavour to provide more regular updates on the whole process of making the film, starting with this post – and the very first photo release of our Mary maquette – and the beginning of our script, financing, development journey. Enjoy.


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