Ringing in the New Year

Many people assume that Halloween is the big holiday for Bleeding Art Industries, and with good reason. People go all out with their costumes, decorate their houses, put on garish and gruesome makeup, and blanket their neighbourhoods in fog. We get calls for fake blood, cobweb spray, even slime sometimes. This year we got a call to fabricate a massive furry black spider for someone to hang in their tree. We didn’t end up doing it but we were able to help the client with some old-looking faux black iron gates made from foam that we had in stock from an earlier event. But in reality, the next upcoming holiday is a busier time for us.

The holiday Christmas season may not appear to be very much up our alley. Turkey, fireplaces, family visits, terrible knit sweaters, Perry Como tunes, and wondering for the sixty-fourth time if George Bailey will realize that he indeed means a lot to the world and will run around town afterwards shouting ‘Merry Christmas’; all of these things seem a far cry from severed heads and chainsaws. 

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: we do Christmas better than anyone. 

First of all, snow. Yes, there’s been a lot of it – not to mention cold – in our part of the world in recent days. But we’re talking the fake stuff…and lots of it. We have no fewer than eight different types of snow that can be used for every type of look you desire; falling snow, blowing snow, wet snow, fluffy snow, driving snow, glittery snow, snow that just sits there and looks pretty. Who ever thought: snow for every occasion. Here’s a bit of background on the types that are out there and how they’re applied.

Fluid-based snow – you can achieve one of those fairytale looks of snow falling with snow that is created from fluid and a snow machine; these fluid-based units also ensure that you don’t have to clean up piles of fake snow at the end of the night because the snow dissipates. They are easy to use, very effective, and leave little to no residue on any surfaces. If you click here, you can see how this was used to great effect at a wedding at the Banff Springs Hotel.

Paper/Starch Snow – if you’re looking for an easy to apply snow to decorate your home or holiday displays, look no farther than our various brands of paper or starch snow that come in different flake sizes. These are great for retail applications as well such as window and mannequin displays.

Polymer Snow – For that ‘wet snow’ look, we have our Bleeding Art Industries polymer snow in both matte white and glittery versions. It starts off as a rather unassuming icing sugar-like powder, but just add a few cups of water and POOF! You have piles of fresh, fluffy display snow. We use this on professional film shoots all the time and it’s a very popular effect.

UnReel Snow – we’re the owners of this fantastic foam snow product; we’re in development on new ways of applying this popular snow and will be announcing its availability shortly.

Time is ticking down…champagne is in hand…thousands of radio stations have Auld Lang Syne cued up and ready to spin. What are you going to do to kick off your New Year with a bang? Why, fire off a pair of our confetti/streamer cannons of course! With a magnificent ‘POP’ these CO2-powered launchers deliver a payload of streamers or confetti in any shape or colour you can imagine. And if our Pro Launchers are too big for your venue, we also have our handheld Quick Shots that operate in the exact same way but are easier to handle and much more portable. We even have a Party Bazooka if you’re looking to fire t-shirts or heck, even marshmallows over your audience. Please call us for details and pricing.

Last but not least, do you struggle every year with what to put in your favourite (or least) family member’s stockings? If you want something they’ll never forget, give us a shout. For the gore afficionados on your list, how about a bottle of blood? Bruise powder? Severed fingers? For the more conservative, we also carry Grabber Mycoal warmers, SetWear gloves and tool belts, and other items that might be perfect for a different kind of stocking stuffer.

Although we anticipate busier Halloweens as we look at partnering with another business that wants to provide its customers with  Bleeding Art Industries products, for the next few weeks, it will all be about Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And with that, happy holidays, and to all a good night.


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