Skeleton Girl and Updates

Well it is my turn again. Leo here. I just thought I would jump in with a few updates as to what is happening at BAI.

Heartland – The Movie, kept us all hopping creating snow when it was all melting and there was none to be had. I had the great pleasure of working with James and Jason. I thank them and the rest of the team very much for their help on the show. Given there is really nothing else shooting in the province except for Heartland, James is off to Vancouver for a while, as there is more work there (read: better tax credits therefore more film productions). He has a great and exciting job lined up and I wish him well on his show.

We are lining up to do the 4th season of Heartland the series. This story of a girl and her horse can be viewed on CBC at 7pm on Sunday nights. You can watch it online at We are very excited to welcome back the producers of this production, and thank them for their continuing support of Bleeding Art Industries. We’re grateful to be working when so many of our colleagues in different departments are not.

We just finished the Calgary Opera’s production of Don Giovanni. Blood, bodies, and a dumpster belching flame and smoke from hell were the order of the day. I can’t think of a more fun opera to work on (other than anything Wagnerian or Der Freishutz) and we did have a lot of fun. Custom radio controlled propane gas effects complete with a dumpster which looked very akin to the cockpit of a 747. Bravo to Brett who had to sing and do the high fall into it every night. Without him, we would have just been a flaming bloody mess.

Skeleton Girl is in high swing and camera tests commence next week. Skeleton Girl is a modern parable of what happens when you acquire something that isn’t yours to acquire. Shot in stop motion and lasting 6 minutes, this is not only our first producing venture, but our first real foray into the new realm of 3D. We welcome the learning curve challenge and rise to the occasion. Becky is putting the final touches on the business structure, funding agreements, and marketing of the short. If you want to support this fantastic project, give us a call or take a look at and type Skeleton Girl for more information on how you can get involved. Check back soon for links to our Skeleton Girl website, which will have more content on it shortly.


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