Demented Tales of Skeleton Girl

Steve here – I’m the Office Manager at BAI and am overseeing our soon-to-be-launched prodco Bleeding Art Productions. I am very excited to introduce our latest project, Skeleton Girl, which is set to go into production some time this year. This will be the first of 10 short films to be released under the Demented Tales banner.

Skeleton Girl is an update on those classic cautionary children’s tales; the ones found in every society that seek to impart wisdom on the younger generations. In short, the stories parents use to make kids behave. Told with a sprinkling of terror, a dash of wonder, and a big heaping spoonful of black humour, Skeleton Girl tells the tale of a little orphan girl who removes a very special item from a gothic graveyard. That night, as a thunderstorm rolls in, she begins to hear the tapping of bony fingers and soon realizes that it’s not nice to steal from the dead…

That’s the pitch. Now comes the nuts and bolts behind the magic. This will be a stop motion short which is a format that is new to us. I have done some simple animation in my younger years but this will be a much larger undertaking. With live action you are simply rearranging reality to best suit your artistic vision. With animation you are literally creating something from nothing, unless you’re using claymation, in which case you’re creating something from nothing and clay. 

But we’re not scared. Anxious yes, but not scared. You see, we’re a special effects and fabrication company for film, television, and stage. The unknown is familiar to us. Every other day a producer or production designer or artist comes to us with an idea for a visual sequence, and it is up to us to make it look spontaneous and authentic. Sometimes the techniques are as old as the hills, and sometimes the scenario has been repeated a thousand times, but there is always the unexpected and there is always that element of the effect that is completely new. Whether it be a campfire or a blizzard or an exploding cat (true story), we must take our past experiences, mix them with common sense and, most importantly, ask ourselves ‘what if?’ With each effects sequence you are reevaluating your process and the outcome, and with each completed effect you have come up with a thousand ways to do it all better. And in the end isn’t that why we do it? To get better? To exceed our own expectations?

In the end we are all storytellers, and what really matters is that the story reaches people. All of our skills, all of our experiences and mistakes and blood and tears serve only to make this happen. To will ether into reality.


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